Greenhouse demolition

Greenhouse demolition

If you can build a greenhouse, you can also demolish it

Greenhouse demoliton

Demolition of greenhouses is precision work. At HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. demolishing a greenhouse is a well-organized process. By working in a structured way from the start, we can reuse as much of the existing greenhouse as possible and deliver results as quickly as possible. With this we save on costs and that is to your advantage!

Environmental standards

Of course we adhere to environmental standards. We separate the waste and rubble before it is disposed of and work exclusively with certified waste processors. Our employees are also VCA certified and have the necessary certificates.

Demolition for new constructions

In addition to demolishing horticultural greenhouses, we also demolish commercial spaces and company homes to make way for new construction. HS Horticulture Service B.V. works quickly, cleanly and safely. The rubble is separated and disposed of in accordance with environmental standards, in collaboration with certified waste processors. We deliver the site ready for construction in a short time and for a competitive price.

Ground preparations

Would you like to have the preparatory work arranged already? We are happy to carry out the earth and excavation work that is necessary to start the next phase. Excavating the construction pit, for example, or removing the sewerage and pavement.

Perhaps. But we do it in an organized manner and that saves you considerably in costs and clutter.

Yes. We have a wide range of parts for reuse.

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