Greenhouse maintenance

Screen installations and insect netting

Be careful with it

Screen installations offer many advantages in terms of insulation and energy saving, climate control in the greenhouses and regulating (sun) light. Insect netting keeps insects and biological pesticides in while the greenhouse can continue to ventilate. Indispensable tools in current greenhouse horticulture.

Regular maintenance is necessary

However, the installations are subject to wear and tear, partly because they are constantly in motion. It is therefore advisable to have them checked regularly and to have defects repaired as early as possible. The technicians of HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. take care of the inspection and maintenance of your screen installation and insect netting. You will receive an inspection report, supplemented with a maintenance proposal if desired.

Periodic maintenance of a screen installation is necessary for it to function optimally. We are happy to find out whether your screen installation needs maintenance during a free greenhouse inspection.

Yes. We have some employees who are specialized in the maintenance of screen installations.

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