Greenhouse maintenance

Greenhouse cleaning

Always a clean greenhouse

A clean, disinfected greenhouse with good light and optimum climate control provides the highest operating efficiency. That is why greenhouse cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance of your greenhouse. At HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. cleaning is more than just cleaning. The employees immediately check the greenhouse for weaknesses and defects. They are now in places that are difficult or rarely accessible and thanks to their experience they know exactly what to look out for. Parts that are not in order will be reported, including a proposal for greenhouse repair or replacement. This prevents unnecessary costs. You will receive a clear report after each greenhouse cleaning.

Periodic cleaning

HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. works thoroughly and has special safe equipment to ensure that every place is cleaned. The condition of the greenhouse is immediately included in a short greenhouse inspection and communicated with you, so that you can take any necessary measures in time. By consistently cleaning and disinfecting after each harvest, you prevent bacteria, fungi and viruses from affecting the new crop.

Screen cloths

Screen cloths regulate the light and the temperature in the greenhouse. When soiled by dust, leaves, insects, feathers and bird droppings, the cloth no longer transmits the correct radiation and the risk of damage and accelerated wear increases. HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. can vacuum any type of cloth. It is advisable to have this done regularly as part of the greenhouse maintenance plan.


By periodically cleaning your gutters, you ensure optimal drainage of rainwater and a good environment for all work with roof washers, chalk machines and repair trucks on deck. During the vacuuming and cleaning, the employees of HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. check. immediately the condition of the gutters, cover strips, construction and glazing. Highlights are reported immediately. Production can continue as usual during cleaning. Moreover, our equipment works on its own power, independent of your electricity or water and is suitable for any type of gutter.

We suggest to do this yearly.

Yes. With the tools we use, this is possible.

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