You can only build well on a strong foundation

The foundation of a greenhouse must be firm and solid. Not only to anchor and support the greenhouse in the ground, but also to be able to withstand the destructive effects of climate change and falling water levels. Thanks to our large independent network, we realize every foundation in an extremely professional manner with the right precision. For every conceivable greenhouse or construction, on every soil, in every climate.

Concrete floors

A concrete floor is a suitable floor for both small and large surfaces, indoors and outdoors. It requires hardly any maintenance and can be installed seamlessly almost anywhere. From a sleek concrete floor in a home to floors in greenhouses, stables, garages, factory halls and on terraces. HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. has a lot of experience in supplying, pouring and finishing concrete floors and guarantees a high-quality durable floor. We specialize in laying floors with traditional reinforcement.

Yes, we build all types of foundations.

Sure, we investigate every bottom.

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I want a firm and solid foundation for my greenhouse!

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