Installing screens and insect netting

Installing screens and insect netting

For an optimal and economical greenhouse climate

Thanks to the growing knowledge of the greenhouse climate, the value of screen installations and insect netting has become increasingly clear. Good shading plays an important role in optimizing crop conditions, reducing energy consumption, limiting light emissions and creating a pleasant atmosphere in, for example, garden centers.

Reduction of energy costs

With a screen installation you keep energy costs as low as possible. In combination with other measures, you can reduce heating costs by up to 25%. In cold conditions, an installation with energy screens provides an insulating effect without adversely affecting light transmission: the current generation of energy screens has a remarkably high light transmittance.

Benefits of having a screen

  • Save on heating costs due to the insulating effect
  • Optimizing crop yields through a more constant greenhouse climate
  • Limit condensation, resulting in fewer fungi and diseases in the crop

Insect netting

Insect netting ensure that insects stay where they should, indoors or outdoors, depending on the nature of the crop. It is mounted in the air vents of the greenhouse. A clever concertina system ensures that the mesh retains its shape and folds neatly when the vents are closed. Due to the slender construction, there is no loss of light. The mesh is suitable for any type of greenhouse.

Different versions

  • Cassette system
    Ready-to-use system that is mounted arount the vent.
  • Fully integrated system
    Where necessary, the greenhouse is adapted to fully integrate the insect screen into the existing installation

Screen installations are for light emission control, light emission control, energy saving and climate control

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