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Regular inspection of your greenhouse prevents unnecessary costs

Get the maximum out of your greenhouse

Greenhouse maintenance requires regular inspection. You can perform efficient maintenance on the basis of accurate checks of the greenhouse, installations and all systems in and around your greenhouses. You can tackle problems immediately and thus considerably limit possible damage. Don’t forget to regularly review stocks of glass, repair materials and emergency repair kits. And frequently check the accessibility and accessibility of your greenhouses. Then you know how your company stands in the event of calamities and you can act quickly and efficiently.

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HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. takes care of the complete inspection of your greenhouse. All weak spots are identified and provided with cost-efficient maintenance solutions.

Using our Checklist Greenhouse Maintenance, we check among other things:

  • Foundation
  • Steel construction
  • Aluminum construction
  • Glass and plating
  • Air mechanics
  • Screen installation and insect system
  • Rainwater and condensation drainage

No. But a tailer-made maintenance contract is cheaper in the long-term.

With an annual inspection you avoid unnecessarily high (repair) costs.

Greenhouse check

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