Building special constructions

Building special constructions

Special glass constructions

Not just greenhouses, other constructions are also possible.

HS Horticulture Service B.V. has a lot of experience in designing and building all possible types and sizes of greenhouses. That is why you can also contact us for the construction of special projects. Think of buildings or houses with special glass constructions or extensions, canopies, office and meeting greenhouses, conservatories, garages, bird houses and so on.

All shapes and sizes

Deviating dimensions and original designs are no problem for us. Our engineers are particularly creative in coming up with solutions to put ideas into practice. Of course, our competitive prices also apply to special construction.

No problem! With our experience we can realize almost anything.

Yes. We make glass constructions such as canopies, extensions and conservatories for almost all buildings.

Do you have a building that partly contains a greenhouse construction? Of course you can also count on our service and expertise.

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