Media: MKB Westland Business Magazine Streamer

Media: MKB Westland Business Magazine Streamer

HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. in Naaldwijk: honest, transparant and clear!

As Westland MKB entrepreneurs, we all know: a grower must be able to focus and maintain onhis crop. A successful grower does this in a greenhouse that is in optimum condition. And that greenhouse is of course designed, realized and maintained by that one party from the Westland: HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. from Naaldwijk!

A total package of greenhouse-related services: that is what HS Tuinbouw Service B.V.  – founded by John Torenstra jr. in 2006 – makes unique in the world. Try to find a company where you can go for building and glazing, cleaning, screening, repair and maintenance, solar panels, insect netting, supported by a rapidly operating emergency service. ‘It is indeed difficult to find such a party,’ says Bernard van Hest of HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. “Our company is completely dedicated to unburdening our customers and clients from A to Z. They are mainly located in the Netherlands, but we are certainly also active abroad.

HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. has grown enormously in recent years. This probably also has to do with their core values: honest, transparent and clear. There are now 60 employees active within the company, operating in 12 teams with a team leader who always speaks Dutch. Van Hest: ‘We train our technicians internally. They have all possible documents and Visa. It is good to know that in times of spontaneous busyness, for example in the event of a calamity, we can quickly scale up to about 100 technicians. That is important, because a calamity is every grower’s nightmare. Of course we also proactively think along with our customers. When we are at work, our technicians always pay close attention to any present and future imperfections. After all, we see more in a greenhouse than a grower in the greenhouse. In other words: our service level is very high company-wide.”

Safety is of course also a top priority at HS Tuinbouw Service B.V. With the VCA** certificate obtained, the company is committed to continuously considering the safety of everyone in the greenhouse when carrying out the work. Finally, Van Hest: ‘All this has ensured that we have grown into one of the leading players in the global greenhouse horticulture market. As a new member of MKB Westland, we are of course very proud of that.’

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