Reparation of the greenhouse after calamity!

Reparation of the greenhouse after calamity!

It’s Saturday afternoon. The working week seems to be almost over when our customer in Poederoijen calls. The customer’s greenhouse was hit by a very localized gust of wind that caused extensive damage. Our emergency service is on the move!

Less than an hour later we were on location. Here we entered into a conversation with the customer and assessed the damage. Our estimate was that more than 300 broken windows were involved. So a lot of damage.

We came back on Sunday. Our drone pilot Yusuf flew his drone over the area to collect footage. This once again proves to be an extremely efficient means of quickly and securely accessing the right data in order to be able to draw up a good plan. The customer was happy with our plan. So it was time to start the repair!

We took care of the delivery of tempered glass, 100 gutter strips and waste containers. We also use the forklift, aerial platform and telehandler from our own machinery and we arranged a monorail and service dock so that work can be done efficiently and safely. We relieve the customer from A to Z so that he does not have to worry about anything. That is the service that HS offers!

On Monday morning the repair could start. With 13 skilled technicians spread over three buses, we arrived at the location where, in addition to the repair, we had the task of clearing the deck, gutters, steel construction and screen installation. Our repairers have now completed the repair. The greenhouse cover is completely closed. This way no more precious energy is lost!

For example, the customer is provided with a closed greenhouse cover within less than a week after his damage report. He can now do what he loves best, which is growing the Lisianthus. Thank you for trusting our emergency service! Would you also like to make use of the best service in the event of damage and calamities? We would like to get in touch with you.

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