Do we maintain your greenhouse during the cultivation switch?

Do we maintain your greenhouse during the cultivation switch?

Summer is coming to an end. This immediately brings the crop rotation into view!

Because (parts of) the greenhouse are empty during the crop rotation, the crop rotation is an ideal time to carry out maintenance on the greenhouse. Schedule an appointment now for the maintenance of your greenhouses. This extends the lifespan! The crop rotation is traditionally a period in which many growers have maintenance carried out. This is because our technicians can handle a higher work rate. Because they can reach everywhere. They are also less dependent on a certain climate in the greenhouse and they cannot damage your cultivation. This way you start the new growing season in a fresh greenhouse, preventing damage and malfunctions!

What can we do for you during the crop change?
Regular maintenance of the steel and aluminum construction
Maintenance on the gutters and the air mechanism
Glass repair Resolving subsidence or other problems with the foundation
Cleaning of the entire greenhouse and glass
Maintenance of the screen installation, insect netting and roller facades
Inspection of the greenhouse

Our expert technicians are at your service. We ensure that work is done efficiently. We do this by using drone images or inspection. In this way we ensure that our technicians are well prepared to work. This saves on costs! You can of course assume that we work safely and according to VCA** guidelines.

We work on your terms. If you would like us to work on an hourly basis, we would be happy to do so. Of course we also work with fixed contract prices. We also offer the possibility to conclude a maintenance contact with us.

With a maintenance contract you opt for certainty: for a fixed amount per year you are assured of a fixed number of days of maintenance by our skilled and certified technicians. This extends the service life and prevents production downtime. You can also use our 24 or 48 hour service. This means that we have the obligation to be at your location within 24 or 48 hours after reporting the damage. For the period of 24 hours you pay an additional surcharge. If there is a calamity in several places in the country, you as a contract customer have priority.

Plan an appointment
You can do this quickly and easily by emailing or by calling 0174-501368. We emphasize it again: the crop rotation is a popular period. So don’t wait too long and schedule your appointment now!

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